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From: Jim Petray []
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 7:30 PM
Subject: Pleasant Experience

Good Nite Inn-Calabasas
Dear Mr. Boyd, General Manager

For the past ten months, every Monday, I have been staying  at the Calabasas Good Nite Inn. And for the past ten months I have been taken care of by Rocky and Mark in the most professional manner. Rocky is a welcoming sight. I am always greeted with a genuine smile and a "how are you doing, James." I've never seen (nor perceived) her to have a bad day.

Mark is an excellent host and makes me feel like I have the "inside track" when checking in. His service in seeing that my reservations are kept current and accurate is beyond what I would consider "normal" service.  Mark and Rocky know I have my favorite rooms and they always do their best to make sure I stay in one of them. Should I check in one day, and both Rocky and Mark are gone, I'll know I've entered the TWILIGHT ZONE.

You have a good front desk team, thanks for the "Home away from home" feel.

Regards, Jim Petray

Director of Fleet Operations
Advanced Waste Solutions, Inc

Subject: Convenient and a good price

Good Nite Inn Rohnert Park - Santa Rosa! Our room was very clean, and staff friendly. We were on the inner courtyard, which meant that our room was fairly quiet. ... There was a nice pool and a hot tub, and there were several dining choices within easy walking distance. Would recommend to a friend! Jann, Seattle, WA Aug 12, 2007
Subject: Hello Good Nite Inn Friends
Hello Everyone,
I took last week off from work to go fishing in the State of Washington. I caught two 15 pound Chinook Salmon. This week I'm back to work and staying with my friends at the God Nite Inn Fremont! Tell the manager that I am impressed with cleanliness of the pool area as well as the sparkling clean water in the pool, it was refreshing! Have a safe and relaxing Memorial day Weekend everybody! Regards, Earle A. Tope Jr.

Hello Mr. Tim Just wanted tell you thank you for your directions you gave to the hotel. We had a great time there at your hotel during our stay. The staff was very courteous and kind. The service was excellent. Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you and thank you in person. The customer service you displayed is very hard to find these days in customer service. I will be traveling back that way again and will definitely stay in the Goodnite Hotel there in Sacramento, CA. and will tell other clients, family and friends about your Hotel.
Thanks Vera Hamilton Dorothy Goines

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