Best Shopping Destinations in Fremont San Jose


The beautiful Fremont is a city bordering the East and South Bay of San Francisco, and brings in both business travelers, sightseers and rural National Park explorers. Whatever the reason for your visit, there are plenty of opportunities for shopping in Fremont, whether that be on shopping strips or malls and offers you a great way to remember your visit. With so much history to the area, it’s not surprising that Fremont has become the perfect shopping destination for locals and tourists alike

Pacific Commons Shopping Center

Based just a five-minute drive from the Fremont California Good Nite Inn, the Pacific Commons Shopping Centre is one of the best spots in the city for all round entertainment, shopping and dining. Here you’ll find a wide variety of retailers, restaurants and attractions, including an onsite cinema and bakery. With masses of space and a range of daily deals across all the shopping center’s retailers, the Pacific Commons Shopping Centre is an easy to find gem in the heart of Fremont. Services on site include a lost and found desk and free electric car charging facilities.

New Park Mall

Another Fremont-based mall within a short drive from the Good Nite Inn California, the New Park Mall offers a cool collection of retailers and outlets.
Not only will you find well-known favorites such as Claire’s Accessories and the Disney Store, but you can browse unique independent retailers and restaurants, too. Not only this, but the New Park Mall has on-site gym facilities, giving you the chance to stay fit whilst on the go.
There are also monthly events hosted by bars like Vinum as well as bargain sales throughout the mall, it’s no surprise that this remains one of the most popular shopping centers in Fremont.

Fremont Galleria

This quieter shopping mall on Warm Springs Road is best known for its host of unique shops. Boasting a diverse selection of Asian retailers and restaurants, the Fremont Galleria is the perfect place to stop off for a bite of Sushi or bowl of noodles.
Whatever your needs, there’s ample parking space in the Galleria as well as more day-to-day retailers such as optometrists, insurance companies and travel and vacation agents.

Mowry Landing Shopping Center

The Mowry Landing Shopping Centre is in a bustling neighborhood of Fremont and brings in both locals and visitors.
Here you’ll find some classic American brands including Harbor Freight and Trader Joe’s. One of the most popular aspects of Mowry Landing Shopping Center is the Black Bear Diner, famous for its great burgers and large portions.
This is the perfect spot for a stop-off meal and a great taste of US cuisine for your stay in California. Whether you’re stocking up for a road trip or for dinner, there’s plenty in the Mowry Landing Shopping Center for flexible options that cater to all tastes.

The Great Mall

Dating back to 1994, the Great Mall is a shopping mall built by Ford Motors, originally as an assembly plant but repurposed to host a wide range of big brand name retailers.
The Great Mall is well-known for its large Century Pictures stadium-sized movie theatre, and for its incredible range of shopping outlets. Located just outside of Fremont California in the Milpitas area, the Great Mall is the second largest in California, spanning just one floor of 126,917.0 m2.

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