A Sightseers Guide To San Francisco

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As the stage for the 1967 summer of love and with a wealth of history, modern day San Francisco attracts tourists and visitors from around the world. As a cultural, tech and educational hub, San Francisco has been voted one of the most livable cities in the country, and it’s easy to see why.
If staying at the Good Nite Inn San Francisco, you’ll be well-situated to experience a slice of the vibrancy, comfort and unique identity of this Californian city.
Whatever the reason for your visit, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sites in San Francisco, helping you get a true feel for the city during your first stay at the SF branch of the Good Nite Inn California.

Levi Stadium

Based in Santa Clara, the Levi Stadium is home to the San Francisco 49ers football team and is easily reachable from San Francisco via the tram in under two hours.
This stadium has served as the main NFL stadium in the San Francisco Bay area and has an audience capacity of up to 75,000 spectators. With its own in-stadium app, the Levi grounds have hosted some of the biggest NFL events in the country, as well as many international sporting events.

Stanford University

This private research university is one of the most historic in the country, having been founded way back in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford, whose teenage son had recently died of Typhoid fever.
This tragedy sparked an educational institution that has prevailed through earthquakes, bombings and much more and is especially famous for its development of the tech hub which would later become known as Silicon Valley.

California’s Great America Theme Park

Located in Santa Clara, this theme park is a mere 45-minute drive from San Francisco and gives you a chance to experience the USA through nine exhilarating rollercoasters.
With two water rides and a total of 52 attractions, this theme park is quite possibly the best in the Bay Area. If you’re on the lookout for a great family day out just an hour outside San Francisco, then the Great America Theme Park is the perfect choice.

Fisherman’s Wharf

With its own cable cart, this northern waterfront-based area of San Francisco is a popular locale for tourists and locals alike.
Here you’ll find a wide range of attractions and scenic San Fran vistas. With the Pier 39 shopping center and a collection of high-quality museums, Fisherman’s Wharf is rife with entertainment for tourists.
Finally, for foodies (as the same suggests) Fisherman’s Wharf is famous for its abundance of seafood restaurants.

Golden Gate Bridge

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognizable attractions in San Francisco. Stretching a jaw-dropping one mile, this red painted suspension bridge has been cited as one of the manmade wonders of the modern world.
With its long span and beautiful red art deco design, it’s no wonder that this bridge is one of the most photographed in the world.

Facebook and Google Headquarters

Facebook and Google – alongside many other tech companies – have made the San Francisco area their physical home, as well as their spiritual one.
This means that on the corner of San Francisco, overlooking the Oakland Bay Bridge, you’ll be able to find the headquarters for Facebook, Google, Flickr, and many others. Some of these companies, (including Google and Facebook!) even allowing tours of some of their facilities.


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