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Hotel Policies

Check-in Requirements

Government-issued photo identification, and a valid bank issued credit card are required upon check in

Reservation Guarantee

A valid credit card is required to complete your reservation booking. Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, China Union Pay


Our flexible policy allows you to book up to the date of arrival, and cancel or modify your reservation last minute. If amended or cancelled before 4:00 PM on the day of arrival, no fees will be charged. If amended or cancelled after this time, or in case of no show, 100% of first 1 night’s room & tax charge will be applied

Check-In / Check-Out Time

Check in time is 3pm. Check out time is 11am. All reservation checkout date modifications must be made before the checkout time.

Vehicle Registration

Only 1 parking pass per room. No over-sized trucks, trailers, or recreational vehicles are permitted at the following hotel locations: Calabasas, Camarillo, Fremont


Good Nite Inn welcomes service animals*

*Good Nite Inn Redwood City is the only designated pet friendly hotel, and gladly welcome guests traveling with small dogs. We allow (1) dog per stay, no larger than 40 lbs. $35 USD fee per night non-refundable, plus $100 USD deposit. All guests must register their pet upon check-in. Please contact hotel for pet policy details

No Smoking

Hotel public areas and all guestrooms are non-smoking. Open flames/cooking in guestrooms, public areas and consuming alcohol in hotel public areas is prohibited. We will apply a $250 fee, should you violate the above-mentioned policies.

In case of smoking and/or noise complaints, hotel reserves the right to proceed with an early check out without refund in addition to incidental charges.

Money and any other valuable items brought to the Good Nite Inn Hotel are at guest’s sole risk. Good Nite Inn Hotels and staff accept no liability and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage items therefore guests remain solely responsible for their belongings.