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Best Arts And Culture In Camarillo

Best Arts And Culture In Camarillo

Just 85 kilometres outside of Los Angeles, Camarillo is a historic coastal city that’s more famed for its Mexican heritage, premium outlet shopping and beautiful national parks than it is for its art scene. Unlike the nearby Tinseltown and artistic enclaves in California and Malibu, Camarillo isn’t famed for its artistic prowess but does have a few bows to its string. This is not only in its array of famous residents, including Academy Award-nominated director Henry Koster and Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco but because of its unique venues and sweet, simple and easy to access accommodation in the form of the Good Nite Inn Camarillo. Below are just some of the hidden gems that culture connoisseurs might be interested in visiting if passing through the beautiful town of Camarillo.

Camarillo Public Library

The Camarillo Public Library is one of the most celebrated cultural institutions in the city and has provided Camarillo with locally staffed and community-led literature outreach. Through a 2010 city council vote, the library swapped hands from a state-run library system and became a public-private contracted library that gave customers from the local community more freedom of choice and a bolstered reputation as a world-class library and community space.

Edwards Camarillo Palace IMAX

When visiting hotels in California, you’ll undoubtedly find that bigger means better. The cinemas are a prime example of this ethos and more specifically, Camarillo’s IMAX cinema at Edward’s Palace provides world-class entertainment with thrilling visual and sound support. Easy to reach just off the Ventura Boulevard, this is a must for movie lovers passing through the city.

Painting With A Twist

With discounts and deals to rival that of the Good Nite Inn promo codes, Painting With a Twist is a truly unique experience for friends and special occasions. As you’re gently walked through the basics of painting by a professional artist, Painting With a Twist adds a lively dose of social engagement and entertainment, with a bar, a lot of brews and live performers playing music whilst you work.

Pleasant Valley Historical Society And Museum

This weekend-only museum provides an in-depth exploration of the local Camarillo area and its history. It’s not that they’re lazy though, the Historical Society of Pleasant Valley is always striving to continue outreach and conservation, ensuring that the history, nature and heritage of Plesant Valley and Camarillo are kept relevant and visible in the local cultural scene.

Studio Channel Islands Art Studio

These local art studios may host the private rooms of local artists, but visitors can also peruse, explore and even purchase the works of many local artists. With the Blackboard Gallery providing Tuesday through Friday exhibitions and local musicians being given unique spaces to play in, the Studio Channel Islands Art Studio is a unique melting pot of culture and inspiration, all located on Ventura Boulevard.

Camarillo Skyway Playhouse

For theatre and music lovers, the local theatre on Pleasant Valley Road a place to learn, make friends and hone their craft. With so many actors residing in California, it’s no surprise that this community-led theatre puts on amateur and semi-pro shows that are right up there with the Hollywood greats.