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Golden Attractions: Where to go in the Golden State

Golden Attractions Where to go in the Golden State

There’s no getting away from it, California, the Golden State offers some truly golden attractions for vacationing visitors. And no mistake!

Whether they’re looking to stay in and around the San Francisco area in the north of the state or in Los Angeles County down in the south (perhaps at, say, Good Nite Inn Buena Park?), there’s just so much to see and do, whatever the visitor and whatever the kind of getaway – short break, road trip, vacay with the kids or romantic weekend away with a loved one…

Santa Monica Pier

A pier? What makes visiting a pier such a must-do during a long-awaited time away in California? Well, this particular one is far from any ordinary pier – it’s arguably one of the most iconic in the United States and one of this state’s most recognized landmarks; being the subject of numerous photos all over the Internet.

It’s not just a seaside somewhere that rewards visitors with supreme views of Pacific Ocean sunsets and glorious panoramas on sunny summer days, but also gives them the chance to ride the famous nearby Ferris wheel or the chance to stroll up and down its boards or, indeed, along its adjoining boardwalk. All things considered, it’s a bit of a magical place for bookers at Good Nite Inn Calabasas – or anywhere else.

Beverly Hills

Famed for the luxurious living of characters in classic TV series and movies – in everything from Beverly Hills 90210 to Beverly Hills Cop – this city in Los Angeles County is known the world over for its sunny glamour, exclusive homes, shiny and fast vehicles and stylishly selective shopping; the latter courtesy of the retail therapy heaven that are its Rodeo Drive boutiques and outlets.

Away from shopping exploits and rich-people-spotting, those staying at the likes of Good Nite Inn Calabasas can enjoy the glorious green of Beverly Gardens Park or explore the area’s own so-called witch’s abode that’s Spadena House. Yes, really!

Madame Tussauds, San Francisco

One of the city’s most popular destinations for families, San Francisco’s Madame Tussauds attraction is where to go to meet all your favourite celebrities. Yes, fair dos, it’s a glorified waxworks museum but, here, the recreations of the great and the good, the notorious and the extraordinary are all so lifelike that it really can feel like coming face-to-face with the world-famous themselves.

Whether it’s Madonna, Taylor Swift, Jimi Hendrix, Jackie Chan or even Abraham Lincoln we’re talking, then, when you come across them you’ll doubtless find it very hard not to snap yourself in their presence – and, possibly, add that pic to your social media feed, during your stay at the likes of nearby Good Nite Inn Redwood City.


There’s a good reason why the folks at Anaheim’s Disneyland insist on calling it ‘the happiest place on Earth’. Quite frankly, visit the extensive site with your kids and you’re likely, too, to agree there are few more pleasant, optimistic, colourful and joyous places on the planet.

Not only is Walt Disney’s magnum opus packed full of fantastic family-friendly rides and attractions, but also – of course – it affords all visitors the opportunity to meet their favourite characters from their favourite animated adventures, whether that be the Toy Story or Monsters Inc. peeps or Mickey and Minnie, Snow White, Peter Pan or Pinocchio. What more could you ask for?