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Responsible Road Trips: Traveling in California

Responsible Road Trips Traveling in California

Naturally, we’re all for people traveling to and through our wonderful state of California, but these aren’t normal times. The state’s been greatly affected by the pandemic, yet its businesses and its places of interest have tried to weather the storm and many have reopened or are opening up again (for instance, you’ll find in many hotels a dedicated Covid-19 responder room).

All the same, traveling in California now requires some thought and research on the part of the traveler – but what exactly does that mean?

Research Your Destination

Counties throughout California have opened up at different points over the last few months. So, unless you do your research, you might find you’re oblivious to exactly what’s opened up and what hasn’t – and, if it hasn’t, when it’ll open up again.

And what about the *specific* rules and safety measures wherever you’re looking to visit? Will they be stricter or looser than where you’ve come from? What does this mean for restrictions on what you might want to do? Some businesses, restaurants and eateries have now opened up, but others are yet to do so; some state parks have opened up once more, but others haven’t; some hotels in California open now are welcoming guests, but others aren’t.

No question, then, if you do your research, your trip to California will end up far better executed. Especially because you can pretty much guarantee that, everywhere, both physical distancing and thorough cleaning standards will be expected and implemented – throughout hospitality venues, restaurants, hotels and more.

Take Precautions When Traveling

Just as you’ll have to take into account precautions wherever you go, you’ll have to do the same while in transit. To be as safe as possible, the best way to get about in California is to go by car – and that means road trips. Something we’re definitely keen on at each and every Goodnite Inn. Road trips allow travelers to get out and about but keep their distance.

That said, it’s important to think about and remain safe – and help others to remain safe – during your interactions. For example, when you stop for gas, a good idea is not just wearing a face-mask, but gloves, as well; in addition to practicing proper social distancing, whenever possible. It’s all very well to give yourself a pass on being Covid-vigilant because you’re on vacation, but it’s surely only right to be mindful of any community you pass through.

Recreation and Dining – Plan Ahead

One further thing – you’re highly advised to think ahead when it comes to recreation and dining. Sure, you may be only too eager to make use of that Good Nite Inn booking coupon, but checking what’s open and what rules they have in place before you set off for, let alone set foot, in a venue or eatery is important.

When you set out on a road trip, one suggestion to consider is packing your own food or relying on take-out instead of dining in (both will enable you to get out and about and discover all our glorious state has to offer but, again, reduce unnecessary interaction). Additionally, when you’re out in the countryside, you might want to consider hiking on longer, less-crowded trails, exploring state parks instead of visiting some indoor venues and supporting locally-owned restaurants and companies, whenever possible.

Obviously, what we’re suggesting isn’t normal traveling behaviour here, but these aren’t normal times. All the same, we hope you enjoy your stay in California.