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The Best Places to Visit in California in the Winter

The Best Places to Visit in California in the Winter

Headed to California this winter? There is a lot for you to do and see even during the chillier months of the year. Here are our favorite places for a wintry visit…

Death Valley

Shooting stars and meteor showers are a common occurrence in California, and nowhere will you find a better view than in Death Valley. Each December, the mid-month meteor shower sees vivid colours light up the night sky.

This is a great opportunity to get up close with nature while staying at the Good Nite Buena Park.

Santa Barbara

Noted for its mild weather and sandy beaches, Santa Barbara is a great place for a winter trip, as you’ll still be able to take advantage of a little sunshine during your stay at the Good Nite Inn Santa Monica Blvd.

In addition, the area is home to the Museum of Natural History, where you can discover more about the natural world which surrounds you both in California and further afield.

Napa Valley

A busy destination throughout the summer monthss, Napa Valley is considerably more peaceful during the winter, but you’ll still be able to enjoy this epicenter of Californian wine production with vineyard tours and wine tasting.

We recommend wrapping up warm as much of the sights to see take place outside, however as with so much of California, it’ll still remain a pleasant enough temperature for exploring.

Lake Tahoe

With an abundance of ski resorts, it’s no wonder Lake Tahoe is one of California’s favorite winter destinations. Venues range from the high-end luxury resorts to more affordable options, all of which can be enjoyed while you stay at the Good Nite Inn Hotel.

Pacific Grove

Butterfly fans won’t want to miss the arrival of Pacific Grove’s Monarch butterflies, which have contributed to the area becoming known locally as ‘Butterfly Town’. This is a stunning sight, particularly as they take off each morning – and one which can best be experienced during the winter months.

It’s also an event where we recommend you bring a camera to capture and share the moment.

Yosemite National Park

Without doubt one of the most beautiful places in California, Yosemite National Park attracts large crowds throughout the summer, but winter is the ideal time to experience this natural wonder without too much competition.

If you’re feeling active, there are plentiful opportunities for climbing, hiking and skiing. For those who’d rather stay still, you’ll also be able to grab something warm to drink and check out the views.

Ano Nuevo State Park

Each winter, northern elephant seals take to the local beaches. For a few weeks, the cycle of the natural world takes place in this spot. This is a sight which begins during December and lasts until around February each year.

We highly recommend heading to the Ano Nuevo State Park to get up close to the resident elephant seals you’ll find here during your trip.