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4 Best Viewpoints in San Francisco

4 Best Viewpoints in San Francisco

San Francisco is well-known for its steep inclines. In fact, the city is home to over 50 hills, many of which have parks, bars, and restaurants perfectly perched on top of them. While, yes, these hills make for rigorous bike rides and walks up, these hills also mean there are dozens of vantage points from which locals and visitors can look out over the stunning city. 

With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to head after you’ve checked into your room here at the Good Nite Inn Redwood City. To help make planning a bit easier for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best viewpoints in San Francisco.

Trust us…we’re locals!

But, before we tell you where to go, we thought we’d remind you what to bring. That way, you won’t have to backtrack to your Redwood City hotel before making it to your final destination.

Don’t forget:

  1. Plenty of water 
  2. Your camera
  3. Comfortable shoes
  4. Sunscreen

If you’ve packed your bag, it’s time to move on to the main event. Here are the 5 best viewpoints in San Francisco.

Twin Peaks Summit

As you might have guessed, Twin Peaks Summit is named to reflect the pair of 922-foot-high summits that sit pretty in a sleepy residential neighborhood in San Francisco. At the top of the hill, you’ll find a 64-acre hilltop park and – most importantly –hard-to-beat 360-degree views over the Bay Area. 

Billy Goat Hill

This hilltop park in the Diamond Heights neighborhood offers more than just views. The extensive trails also offer plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities, so be sure to pack your binoculars along with your camera!

Pack a picnic to make an afternoon of it and, if you want to avoid crowds, go later in the day. Rest assured, by the time you’ve climbed the hill and made your way back to your Good Nite Inn corporate room, you’ll be happily exhausted.

Marin Headlands

Head to the Marin Headlands for a surprising sense of wilderness not far from the city. 

There are plenty of trails to explore, meaning you could certainly make a day out of it, but the hills across from the bridge will offer the most stunning views and photo opportunities. On clear and sunny days, you’ll be able to see down the coastline while overcast days promise a unique eeriness that’s well worth the climb up.

Bueno Vista Park

Located in the center of the city, Bueno Vista Park is the oldest in San Francisco and is home to winding trails and oak woodlands that provide peaceful seclusion you’ll find in few other places nearby.

Of course, for many visitors, the highlight of Bueno Vista Park is the view from its upper slopes. As you climb to the highest peaks, you’ll find several lookout points and benches, perfect for taking in what lies beneath you, including the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, and downtown San Francisco. 

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