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6 Popular Day Trips From San Diego

6 Popular Day Trips From San Diego

Whilst San Diego boasts a broad array of unique attractions, not everyone will want to spend their entire time there. With such a large surface area, there’s plenty to explore just on the doorstep of this southern California city. 

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Below are just a few of the unique attractions just a short drive or bus journey outside of san Diego. Whether you want to feel at one with nature or visit a part of Californian history, there’s plenty to explore and all right on your doorstep. 

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is located around a three-hour drive from San Diego, making it a day trip that might be long but well worth the journey. Make sure to get up early and make a full day of the beautifully serene desert-scapes. Named after the bristled tree that litters the landscape, Joshua Tree is one of the most memorable deserts in the US.

Salvation Mountain

This trendy spot in Imperial County is well-known not just around the state, but the whole country!

From the Good Nite Inn Camarillo to Good Nite Inn San Francisco, this quirky and surreal man-made monument will be recognizable to many Instagrammers. A short car journey from San Diego, the Salvation Mountain is dedicated to the sinner’s prayer and has atop its painted mountaintop a statue of Jesus. This is a quick one, but you’ll no doubt want to get a good look at this unique piece of folk art.

Palm Springs

This trendy suburb of LA is well-known for its celebrity neighborhoods, design shops, and nearby Coachella Valley landscapes. Make sure to stop by Palm Springs, only two and a half hours away from San Diego, and make the most of its spas, museums, and shopping districts.

San Juan Capistrano

A unique historic sight that’s only an hour outside of San Diego, San Juan Capistrano is a historic Mission set up by the Spanish in the 1770s. Whilst the coastline offers up rare and state-protected Cliff Swallows, you can also enjoy a museum in the mission itself, which gives visitors a unique insight into the founding of the town.

Los Angeles

With a Good Nite Inn West Lost Angeles in the vicinity, why not make your day trip to LA an overnight stay? With countless districts to explore and the famous Hollywood worth a day trip in and of itself, LA is only two and a half hours by car, traffic dependent, of course.


San Diego is famously situated right on the border of Mexico. With Tijuana being a part of the urban sprawl of San Diego, the only thing separating it is the country border. With its huge influence on art, politics, and culture in Mexico, the city is well worth a day trip and is only a few hundred yards away!