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Top 6 Beaches of San Diego

Top 6 Beaches of San Diego

San Diego is on the southernmost tip of California and pairs its unique attractions with a vast array of beautiful beaches. With its Mediterranean climates and sunswept coastlines, the San Diego area of the shoreline is perfect for a broad variety of activities, attracting beach lovers of all kinds to its shores. 

With harbors, surf spots and hiking trails, guests at the Goodnite Inn San Diego will no doubt want to visit the attractions offered by the shores of San Diego. Whether you’re looking for a family outing or a rural retreat, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best beaches in and around San Diego, giving you a taste of the cities vibrancy, and how it’s reflected in the surrounding landscape.

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach is a family orientated coastline that starts at the Hotel del Coronado and stretches towards Sunset Park. With a long coastline, this beach is popular with tourists and locals alike, attracting many visitors due to its abundance of space.

Flat Rock Beach

Located in the Torrey Pines State Reserve, Flat Rock Beach is a little out of the city center but still promises Good Nite Inn guests a chance to explore rocky coastlines, white sand dunes all met with wild ocean waves. You can follow the coastline from the center of San Diego and will eventually come to Flat Rock via Blacks Beach. Bring your swimming trunks and snorkel gear, you’ll find plenty of rock pools during your swim off Flat Rock.

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is a popular local beach that has gradually built up a local community around it. With Crystal Pier marking its edge, you’ll find a vast selection of restaurants, shops and fishing spots dotted along the shoreline. The pier itself is a beautiful jetty that gives fishers a great spot to catch the local mackerel, kelp, and bass as well as a stunning view over the city behind you.

Ocean Beach 

Although it’s not creatively named, Ocean Beach can be found at the edge of the San Diego River. With the ocean meeting the river, surfers are drawn to the brisk waves, whilst guests from across California flock to its stunning pier from where you can fish without a license. Whether you’re visiting from the Good Nite Inn Camarillo or from neighboring Los Angeles, Ocean Beach is a must-visit.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

The beach may be garbage in name, but it’s certainly not garbage in nature. This steep craggy beach is set right int he heart of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. Not easy to reach, there’s a rope banister installed so that visitors don’t slip down the steep paths. Nevertheless, countless ramblers traverse the trail and the many other paths through the beautiful park and bluff land.

Playa Pacifica

This relaxed leisure beach is made up of a range of small lagoons. With lifeguards on duty into October, the beach is a safe bet for those with small children and promises stunning views over the hills of San Diego. 

Wherever you decide to spend an afternoon or two, Goodnite Inn San Diego puts you nearby. Book your accommodation now and start your countdown to sun and sand!