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The Perfect San Diego Packing List: What to Bring

The Perfect San Diego Packing List What to Bring

San Diego is a versatile city. From indoor city attractions to vast wildernesses and beaches, you have to pack for all occasions during a stay in the city. Whether you’re visiting for work or the attractions, a stay in San Diego can provide a broad range of experiences that require any number of outfit changes. 

Every city in California is different. From the celebrity glitz of Los Angeles to the mountain clad Good Nite Inn Camarillothere’s plenty to enjoy during your trip, and a selection of outfits you’ll need to have in tow. 

For San Diego, flexibility is key, and we’ve compiled a list of the clothes it’s essential to pack for your stay.


San Diego can get very hot and is known for its Mediterranean climates. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outside, during your trip, then make sure that you’ve packed comfortable shorts or if you’re worried about burning, then breathable trouser wear. Black heavy jeans won’t get you far in San Diego, whilst linens and lighter shades will keep you comfortable all day long.

Summer dress

Whether a beach dress or for a day picnic in Balboa Park, a light flowy dress will provide you with everything you need for a great day out. 


From the Good Nite Inn Redlands to LA, visitors in and around San Diego will no doubt want to make the most of their visit to San Diego by walking. For this, you’ll want comfortable, sturdy yet breathable shoes that will keep you going all day long. Whether walking along La Jolla Beach or the San Diego Museum of Art, you’ll want versatile shoes that can last you all day.


Whilst you won’t want to be wearing flip flops all day long, a good pair of Birkenstocks or durable sandals have the longevity and the comfort to keep you walking. If you’re planning on walking more than just streets and beaches, more durable footwear will be needed.

Walking shoes

With such areas as the Otay Open Space Reserve, the Kwaay Paay Peak Hike and the La Jolla Coves offering great nature trails, any tourists planning to hike in the San Diego region will want to pack a pair of lightweight boots. If you’re planning to stay in the city, then this might not be necessary and trainers or sandals will suffice, but if you aim to explore the open wilderness around the city, then walking shoes will come in handy. 

Swimming gear

Whatever time of year you visit, never forget your swimming gear. With highs in winter reaching 19 degrees centigrade, you could be utilizing the beaches of San Diego all year round.


And with the Mediterranean temperatures keeping a steady warmth throughout the year, you’ll want to pack some accessories to keep you going through your visit. Don’t forget a sun hat, sunglasses and if necessary, sun cream for your stay in the city. Whether on the beaches, hiking trails or merely the street, guests of the Good Nite Inn San Diego should always come equipped for a fulfilling visit to this historic city. 


  1. What should I pack for San Diego Holidays?
    A: If you are holidaying in San Diego than you must carry hats to beat the sun, sunglasses, sun-blocks, shell jewellery, books, scarves etc
  2. What should you not wear in San Diego?
    A: There are certains places in San Diego, like restaurants, pubs & clubs which do not allow any beach clothes, flipflops, sports wear etc. So if you are planning for such visits than you must know the dress-code.