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Facts you might not know about Redlands, California

Facts you might not know about Redlands, California

Redlands, California is a city that is brimming with history, previously the world-hub of citrus trading, its history is still prominent today. So before booking your Good Nite Inn Redlands, why not brush up on some of the city’s history?

Here are some little-known Redland facts that you might not have known about:

The first orange grove was planted in 1882!

Redlands, California was once the biggest hub for orange production in the world thanks to its 15,000 acres of citrus groves. The oldest grove, and where the first grove was planted is Prospect Park, where you’ll find trees that are over 120 years old. It’s a truly beautiful sight to behold with butterflies and bee’s flocking to the sweet flowers.

So, on your next visit to Redlands after booking one of our hotels in California, make sure you visit the Orange Groves as well as making a pit stop at the local market for the most amazingly fresh OJ!

  • Redlands got its name from the red adobe color of its soil

The Redlands, in San Bernardino County happens to be one of the oldest cities in California, and after being incorporated in 1888, it was named after its rich, red soil. Which, turned out to be perfect for growing citrus fruits.

  • A Redlands pub inspired the hit TV show ‘Cheers’

The infamous pizza pub, Gay 90’s has been part of Redlands history for over 30 years. It drew many students with their amazing pizza, grinders, salads and $3 pitchers of beer. The creators of ‘Cheers’ where two brothers who actually went to the nearby university and would visit the pizza pub often. Taking it as an inspiration for the hit TV show. Definitely, worth making a stop for a slice and pitcher before heading back to one our aaa hotels in Redlands, CA.

  • Redlands was known as the ‘Navel Orange Capital of the World.’

Navels are a type of oranges that are grown in the Redlands Orange Groves. In 1890, 1,000 railway wagons packed full of these oranges were sent out to market. In 1904, over 1 million boxes of oranges were sent in over 9,000 railway wagons from over 30 packing houses. So, you can really see the towns thriving growth and history when it comes to the citrus trade.

  • Redlands was the first city to use center medians (central reservations where the road splits in two) that feature trees and roadside gardens.

When the city’s citrus industry started booming and was bringing more prosperity to the area, they were keen not to lose the its beauty and nature. Therefore, when they added center medians, they created gardens and added beautiful trees to them. You can even see Rose thickets lining the roadways even today. However, over the years as the city became more popular, these have been mostly replaced.  

It is well-known that Redlands, California is one of the most beautiful areas in the San Bernardino area. It boasts many historic structures such as the stunning Kimberly-Clark House and Gardens – which is known as one of Americas Castles. The city provides visitors with stunning architecture and gorgeous landmark mansions. Its thriving days as an industry and trade hub, still resonate today.

And after that history lesson, you’re probably looking for a Good Nite inn booking code, so that you can visit as soon as possible! A stay at Good Nite Inn ensures a comfy stay in the heart of it all.


Where to stay in Redlands on a budget?

Best place to stay in Redlands California on a budget is Good Nite Redlands. Located to all the fun and exciting attractions; from theme parks and golf courses to museums and sports venues. This hotel is close to the fascinating Big Bear Mountain and Lake, and Snow Valley. Other scenic locations such as Joshua Tree National Park.

Am I allowed to travel from Los Angeles to Redlands?

Yes, currently, travelling within United States is allowed.

What are the travel restrictions in Redlands?

In USA, the domestic travel is not restricted, but you have to following the following conditions:

  • Wearing Face masks is recommended.
  • social distancing of 2 metres is required.
  • Visit the official Website of Redland City Council for latest travel restrictions update and Domestic border crossings.

How far is Redlands California from Los Angeles?

The distance between Los Angeles and Redlands is 61 miles. The road distance is 63.4 miles

Is the University of Redlands a good school?

University of Redlands is a private institution which was founded in 1907 by Jasper Newton Field located halfway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California, with mountains, cities, and beaches nearby. This university is ranked 5 in Regional Universities West.