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The Best Hiking Trails in Southern California

The Best Hiking Trails in Southern California

Thanks to the current global situation, more and more people are getting outside and making the most of the great outdoors. So, we wanted to put together a list of some of the best hiking trails in Southern California. California is famous for its beauty especially the coastline, so make sure you take a camera because you’re going to want to capture some of the most beautiful scenes, you see along your way. And whether you’re a seasoned hiker or trying something new, we’ve got the trail for you. And of course, you’re going to need a rest after all that walking so we’ve listed all the Good Nite Inn hotels that are open that are closest to the trails.

Easy trails

Holy Jim Falls trailClosest Good Nite Inn is Buena Park orange Country – 1 hour drive away

This is a popular trail with the Orange County locals, due to its stunning beautiful and ever-changing terrain. The stand out feature has to be the lines of 100-year old trees that envelope the path way to create a lovely shade for its visitors. You’re also likely to bump into some wildlife too, in the form of white-tailed deer, rattlesnakes and gopher snakes.

Mt. Rubidoux TrailClosest Good Nite Inn is Redlands –18 minutes’ drive away

This beautiful trail is made up of paved walkways and more rugged terrain. This trail is unique as it so peaceful, with stunning and clear views. On the hike you’ll see famous landmarks like the Peace Bridge and once you hit the top the summit, take a picture with a giant white cross to say you made it.

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Moderate trails

Stonewall PeakClosest Good Nite Inn is near Seaworld –54 minutes’ drive away

Inside the Cuyumaca Rancho State Park, you’ll find the Stonewall Peak trail. This promides you with panoramic views of the wilderness and the Cuyumaca reservoir. We put this as a moderate trail as some parts of it are a little steep. But, once you get to the top those views are ever-so rewarding.

Runyon CanyonClosest Good Nite Inn is Sylmar Los Angeles –21 minutes’ drive away

Away from the bustle of the busy city lights, you’ll find an escape at the Runyon Canon trail. This trail gives you picture perfect views of the LA skyline and the Hollywood Hills. Keep an eye out for celebrity sightings and get their early before it gets too busy.

Expert trails

Santiago PeakClosest Good Nite Inn is Buena Park orange County – 1 hour 48 minutes’ drive away

This is well known by its locals as Saddleback Mountain. It’s an extensive 15-mile hike from the bottom to the top, so this is a hike that you’ll need to plan out carefully. However, after making it to the top of its 5,689 feet summit, you’ll see views of Orange County that are breath-taking and on some clearer days, Catalina Island.

Mt. San Antonio LoopClosest Good Nite Inn is Redlands –29 minutes’ drive away

This is typically known as a winter destination, however is also has one of the toughest hiking trails in Southern California. The 11-mile route is a challenge with steep inclines, uneven terrain and pine pathways. There is even a part of the tail called ‘The Devil’s backbone.’

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