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Being Mindful: Keeping Covid-Safe During Your Stay

Being Mindful Keeping Covid-Safe During Your Stay

In some jobs, traveling is one of the perks – getting out and about and seeing the world and, yes, getting paid for the pleasure. However, traveling comes with challenges, right now, as we all have to rise to the challenge of getting on with our lives in the face of the present pandemic.

Yet, it’s not just necessary for travelers to follow procedures, best practices and Covid-safe rules while they’re in transit, it’s also critical they follow all the procedures, practices and rules asked of them at the accommodation they check-in to, while away from home. So then, here are some pointers to consider and remember when you book a hotel stay and make good on the like of Good Nite inn offers.

Before You Check-In

  • What’s the check-in procedure? Do you know how to check-in remotely and pay via contactless, while minimizing contact with others in the hotel? If not, you’d be well advised to find out.
  • How well planned is your packing? Are you prioritizing everything you’ll truly need (face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfect wipes, tissues and medicines) when you check-in at hotels in California open?
  • How about packing other non-essentials that, to be totally Covid-safe, you can use instead of relying on your hotel for them? The likes of pens and papers – you may well require a number of such items should you be a booking for a work trip.

After You’ve Checked-In

  • Make sure you follow the signs and floor-markers around the hotel properly – they’ll be there to ensure sufficient social-distancing on the part of all guests and staff; that said, try also to familiarize yourself with where the hotel’s Covid-19 responder room is located.
  • Don’t invite any visitors to your hotel room (beyond any travel companions you’ve checked-in with), whether they’re also staying in the hotel or not.
  • It’s likely elevators in your hotel will be in use (some guests may not be able to move between floors without using an elevator, of course); however, if you can use stairs instead, it may well be a good idea to do so and so ensure good social-distancing.
  • Try not to overuse public areas in the hotel – usually one of the pleasures of staying at highly recommended, comfortable accommodation (such as any of our Goodnite Inn properties) is the opportunity to spend leisurely time experiencing its dining room, lobby, salons, gym, outdoor patio, pool and hot tub, but to try and be as Covid-safe as possible,, it’s advisable to limit the amount of time you spend in these areas (some will inevitably be closed temporarily, anyway).
  • Want to make use of room service? Fair enough, but be prepared for the experience to be contactless (i.e. items delivered to outside your room’s door) and, should you suspect room service may not be contactless, ask for it.
  • Make sure that, should your room be cleaned daily by staff, nobody enters the room while you’re in and so staff only enter when you’re out – you’d be well advised to check the hotel’s health and safety/ cleaning and sanitizing procedures, too.

Before You Check-Out

  • Don’t leave anything you don’t plan on taking with you idly lying about in your room – place all unwanted items/ garbage in the room’s trash bin (including any opened food or drink you’d otherwise leave behind in the room’s refrigerator),
  • If your room hasn’t been cleaned by staff since you checked-in, open the windows for as long as you can on the day of your departure; this will help ventilate the room and further prevent any spread of germs and bacteria and, potentially, Covid-19 droplets.
  • If possible, check-out remotely and/ or contactless.