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Expect the Unexpected: Planning for Travel In 2021

Expect the Unexpected Planning for Travel In 2021

It’s a new year and, while the pandemic is still with us, hopefully due to the roll-out of vaccines and good approaches to dealing with outbreaks, as 2021, travel for both work and leisure will be increasingly possible and expected. To travel this year, though, you’ll need to be careful and sensible – we suggest taking heed of our list of smart travel hacks and putting them in practice.

Research and Educate Yourself

Being careful has to be your primary aim when traveling this year. As the vaccine continues to roll out across the world, slowly but surely more countries and regions will open up. That means it’s critical travelers do their research so they can make educated decisions and be responsible as they follow guidelines, restrictions and health procedures that’ll remain in place and be adjusted as the year goes on. The pandemic will, hopefully, release its stranglehold but will be with us thru 2021 – but, slowly, much of the world won’t be off-limits and, for instance, more and more hotels in California open.

Plan Your Trip Carefully

The only way you can make sure you keep yourself, those you travel with and those around you as safe as possible when you travel is to plan ahead. Don’t overlook the fact, too, that many travelers will suddenly feel released after being 18 months or more of not venturing beyond their immediate area – suddenly people will be flitting here, there and everywhere, by car, air, rail, boat and so on. Highways will be very busy and car rental hires struggling to free up vehicles, peak-time flights will be full and hotel rooms will be booked up (don’t forget your Goodnite Inn promo code!). Plan ahead to get ahead, then.

Manage Your Expectations

The pandemic has, obviously, had a devastating effect on businesses everywhere, damaging local, national and the global economies. This year, hopefully, will see things open up as the vaccines make a difference and cases subside, but the indirect effect of Covid-19 on the world around us will be only too obvious as you travel about. To that end, then, it’s going to be important to manage your expectations during your trip, while supporting the local economy wherever it is you visit, of course. You’re definitely advised to visit local websites to check out what restrictions will be in place and what’s definitely open (e.g. what will a visit to the major local attraction be like when staying at SeaWorld hotels San Diego?)

More Lock downs? Be Prepared.

So, what if there’s a sudden, totally unexpected lockdown where you’re staying on a trip? What would you do? Well, the truth is you’d be able to deal with it, maybe relatively easy, if you’d planned for the possibility. It’s going to require flexibility on the part of travelers and making sure they have a back-up plan in case things suddenly go awry.

What does this mean, then? Being careful and checking the small print on any bookings you make with airlines and hotels and policies you take out with insurance companies – for instance, what’s the social-distancing rules at your airport and what’s the Good Nite Inn check in time? Try to book and deal with those who have a reputation for not just good customer service, but integrity, transparency and, of course, not lumping in onerous fees.

Let’s face it, you want to be in a position, as much as possible, where you can cancel a flight, booking or travel insurance for any reason. When it comes to canceling the latter for any reason, it certainly tends to be a little pricier but the peace of mind may well be worth it – and it’ll definitely be worth it should there be a major new spike or further big outbreaks of coronavirus cases.