Cities In California That You Might Have Missed the First Time Round

Cities In California That You Might Have Missed the First Time Round

California is home to some of the most popular tourist cities in the world. From the Mexico-bordering, SeaWorld hosting San Diego to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the huge state of California certainly has a lot to offer. But at almost 424 thousand square kilometers, Los Angeles and San Francisco might have overlooked some of the other wonders of the state.

California is large, and it’ll take more than just a few road trips to really get a handle on everything that’s on offer. Putting it into perspective, California is 1.7 times bigger than the UK, and that’s a whole country. Hotels like the Good Nite Inn Fremont cater to this fact, offering accommodation across the state and often located off the beaten track. This gives visitors a chance to enjoy some of the more remote, overlooked, or downright strange urban offerings from the state, some of which this blog will touch upon. So, if you’re revisiting California for business or leisure, what areas should you explore that you might have missed the first-time round.

Joshua Tree

The weird and wonderful Joshua Tree is a town in the Mojave Desert that is famous for its surrounding nature reserve. Boasting some of the weirdest looking trees in the USA, Joshua Town is also a Mecca for outsider artists thanks to the Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum, which showcases local installations and exhibits.


A city with a history of LGBTQ+ communities, Guerneville is still a haven for gay and queer vacationers alongside those of all other walks of life thanks to the many holiday-ready sights, sounds and restaurants in this North Californian district. With glamping, redwood nature reserves and local wineries available across the area, this is a relaxed and easy-going vacation spot that is suitable and welcoming of all people.



Home to one of the oldest buildings in Greater Los Angeles, Calabasas is part of Los Angeles County but also has a life and history of its own. With nearby Calabasas Malibu hotels popular with surfers and celebrities alike, vacationers heading to the nearby urban metropolis should at least stop off in this tranquil town.

For guests staying at the Good Nite Inn Calabasas, landmarks to see include the aforementioned Leonid’s Adobe, built in 1844 as well as the beautiful Calabasas Hindu Temple which draws in a large portion of locals and travelling worshippers.


This tranquil town just a stone’s throw from San Francisco might be overlooked on account of the nearby tourist hotspot but has a lot to offer. Here you’ll find bayside restaurants and gaudy houseboats chilled out jetties and the Bay’s best kept secret islands.


Another Northern California gem, Ferndale is famous for its dairy produce. Artisanal cheese mongers abound, foodies the country over flock to Ferndale for their tangy wares, whilst the cheese-averse might instead want to try the independent clothes boutiques and nearby beaches.


Just 2 and a half hours outside of Los Angeles, this is another hidden gem overshadowed by the nearby city of dreams. Idyllwild is truly a retreat from the madding crowd and offers pine tree clad bouldering sites in the guise of the awe-inspiring San Jacinto Mountains. There’s great promise in Idyllwild for foodies as well including artisan dark chocolate sellers and classic American diners, no doubt perfect destinations for a refuel after a long day of hiking and climbing.