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Off the beaten track: California’s little-known delights

Off the beaten track California’s little-known delights

Of all US states, the Golden State, California, arguably leads the way in irresistible appeal for visitors.

With sun, sea, beaches, stunningly beautiful flora and fauna, dynamic cities, family-friendly attractions, wineries and vineyards, and a laid-back, liberated culture – what more could you want?

Well, if you’ve visited and travelled around in California once or twice before, then what about some lesser-known delights? What about those hidden-away gems that only those in the know, well, know about? If that’s what you’re after on a visit to the Golden State, then don’t worry; you’ll well served, indeed. Because California boasts so many less-talked about attractions that offer so very much for each and every visitor…

The Redwoods of Arcata

Known for its progressiveness and large hippie population, the city of Arcata in Northern California is really most appealing because of its utterly stunning nature. In particular, it’s a must-visit because of glorious flora in Redwood Park; the tremendous trees will magnificently tower over on a two-hour horse-riding tour through the forests – in fact, you’re even able to ride your horse through a tree (what more could bookers at Redwood City hotels ask for!). Meanwhile, the Arcata Urban Park offers a multitude of hiking, biking and hiking trails and you just must take in the sustainable restaurants, food markets, eco-friendly craft shops and stalls.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Marvellously offbeat, the Mammoth Hot Springs are to be found in the famous Yellowstone National Park. They’re a widespread complex of thermal springs that have been generating naturally hot water for thousands upon thousands of years, while it’s believed the springs deposit more than two tonnes of calcium carbonate into the mammoth every day of the year.

Fort Bragg

Surely a potential highlight for any road-tripping Good Nite Inn guest, the city of Fort Bragg is located just off the Shoreline Highway in Mendocino County and is blessed with particularly picturesque panoramas of the Pacific Ocean. Among its most boast-worthy features are the fascinating, old-fashioned California Western Railroad and its Glass Beach. Meanwhile, in the city itself, the Sea Glass Museum is home to in excess of 3,000 items, including rare and exclusive types of, yes, sea glass.

Pismo State Beach and Oceano Dunes

Visitors to California’s central coastal area should make a beeline for San Luis Obispo County, for here the glorious Pismo State Beach offers terrific opportunities to catch sight of migratory monarch butterflies each year – as well as a delightful boardwalk.

Nearby, the equally unmissable Oceano Dunes is great for adrenaline junkies, being a state-owned facility where visitors get to chance to off-road in special recreational vehicles through its sumptuous sand dunes. Definitely worth making the trip to and from hotels In Buena Park Ca for!

Hearst Castle

Finally, both a National Architectural Landmark and a California Historic Site, Hearst Castle can be found in the coastal village of San Simeon in of San Luis Obispo County. It was originally commissioned as the home of the legendary, early 20th Century media tycoon William Randolph Hearst, after whom the title character of Orson Welles’ classic film Citizen Kane was modelled.

The stunning building’s 30-year construction was completed in 1947 and it’s home still to sublime artworks that give a fine snapshot of Hearst’s incredible riches, while the site also offers visitors dynamic exhibits dedicated to his eventful career in journalism, publishing and politics.