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Do the Right Thing: Follow California’s Travel Code

Do the Right Thing Follow California’s Travel Code

This year has been one that’s been beset with challenges to traveling throughout the country. And nowhere has that been truer than here in California. However, that’s not to say the Golden State is closed to visitors. Far from it. California is most definitely open to visitors and asks only that they’re thoughtful, respectful and responsible – to maintain their and everyone else’s health at this challenging time.

Indeed, to underline that point, the tourism marketing non-profit, Visit California, has come up with what it calls a ‘Responsible Travel Code’, intended for everyone coming to visit the state’s attractions and stay at the likes of Good Nite Inn hotels. It’s easy to remember, too, being made up of seven easy-to-remember points:

  • Roam responsibly – be careful and sensible when you travel in and between the state’s national parks and places of interest.
  • Educate yourself – learn about what ‘Covid-safe’ processes are in place across the state and, specifically, at destinations and accommodations you intend to visit and stay in (for instance, which hotels feature a Covid-19 responder room?).
  • Safety first – always ensure how you act and behave in California is safe, for yourself, whomever you may be traveling with and anyone you come into contact with.
  • Preserve California – treat the state’s great outdoors (as well as its cities, towns, attractions, venues and accommodations) with the respect and care they deserve
  • Embrace community – show respect to for the communities you come into contact with by keeping ‘Covid-safe’ and following the safety precautions mandated by state government, the rules of individual cities/ towns and those of attractions and hotels in California open.
  • Celebrate culture – discover and immerse yourself, where possible, in the state’s culture and history to enrich your visit and your appreciation of the state itself.
  • Teach Others – pass on what you’ve learned about keeping ‘Covid-safe’ while traveling into and through California.

Without question, these easy-to-remember guidelines for traveling to and through California emphasise not just the need to travel safely in the state, right now, but also the state’s explicit message that it’s not discouraging travelers from visiting and making the most of its attractions, venues, accommodation and tourism industry partners.

Indeed, according Caroline Beteta, president and CEO of Visit California, this ‘code’ of behavior “can serve as a quick resource for travelers on how to stay safe and be respectful of others and of the environment when visiting the state.” She added: “Visitors should plan ahead by checking with the destinations they intend to visit to learn what activities are allowed, prohibited or limited, and prepare accordingly,”.

Information Sources to Check

If you’re interested, you can find the ‘code’, as well as further useful information, at the recently launched website, It’s a very useful resource for details on how best to travel responsibly in the Golden State during these unusual times. Additionally, the website’s definitely recommended for helping to find out what Californian businesses and communities are up to so their guests’ and employees’ safety is being protected, above of all else.

Through the site, you should be able to discover tips and strategies for travel at this time and what to consider when visiting the state’s beaches, breweries, hotels, shops, parks, restaurants and more. Moreover, anyone thinking of coming to California and booking a Goodnite Inn stay is urged to check out our own guide about traveling and staying safe, which can be found on our website.

Our online guide is a great source to prepare yourself for what to expect in terms of ‘Covid-safe’ protocols and procedures at out hotels – you can find it at: