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Is It Safe to Travel This Holiday Season?

Is It Safe to Travel This Holiday Season

It’s a critical thing for people throughout America, right now – trying to make the right choice between staying at home or vacationing this holiday season. Clearly, the idea of doing the latter at Thanksgiving was controversial (however, that tended to inevitably include meeting up with family in the vast majority of cases), so what about the holidays? Is a Christmas getaway in 2020 doable or a total no-go?

Well, there’s no real definitive answer, like it or not. The reality is, of course, any travel carries with it inherent risk – as does doing practically anything during this pandemic. How much risk, though, comes down to the traveler and how many responsible precautions they take when in transit and during their stay (at, say, the likes of a Goodnite Inn hotel). If they do follow the advice and procedures available, they’ll mitigate a lot of risk to their health and the health of those they come into contact with – if they don’t, then there’ll be a lot of risk.

For example, if there’s any possibility you’ll encounter groups of people, it’s imperative you wear a mask (and wear it properly, at that). Obviously, practising social-distancing when and wherever possible is crucial, too, as well as regularly washing your hands and thoroughly.

Traveling Safely

Traveling Safely

So, what mode of travel is recommended – and what isn’t – if you’re looking to take advantage of, say, Good Nite Inn offers? Well, the jury’s out on air travel, for sure. Not only do airport terminals experience overcrowding when flights are delayed, but airlines seem to be taking varying approaches to safety on board flights. That means when you book a flight you can’t assume a high degree of safety practice will be in place, let alone that ‘Covid-safe’ procedures on the flight will satisfy your expectations.

In which case, traveling by car is definitely more recommended this holiday season – whether in a private vehicle or a rental car. So, road trips are certainly doable this December. There is the option of traveling by train, too, which again is advisable so long as you can book a private car in a carriage, thereby making contact with as few other passengers as possible.

What to Consider When Staying In A Hotel

Now, obviously, traveling’s one thing, but then there’s what happens when you’ve arrived at your destination – at hotels in California open, for instance. Can you be confident your accommodation really will be ‘Covid-safe’?

It’s critical you’re careful and sensible when booking your stay – that is, checking what protocols and precautions are in place at wherever you’re interested in booking a room – and taking precautions yourself, too, once you’ve checked-in.  

Without doubt, you’re highly advised to actually contact the hotel, motel or whatever the accommodation is, directly, and ask them whether their risk-mitigation controls marry up to the details published on their website. Do they definitely have a one-way traffic flow at their front desk? Do all their staff wear masks all the time and do they properly enforce guests to do so, too? Do they have a Covid-19 responder room?

Fundamentally, it can’t be stressed enough – it’s very important you do your research before embarking on your travels and before you book your accommodation. Equally, though, it’s just as important you’re thoughtful, sensible and extra careful when you’re in transit and staying wherever you may be this holiday season.