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Helping You All We Can: Welcome Rate Reductions This Winter

Helping You All We Can Welcome Rate Reductions This Winter

Times are tough for so many of us, right now, and they’re not made any easier when, in this pandemic-afflicted period we’re going through, some of us have no alternative than to travel and stay away from home.

If that concerns you – and you’ll be traveling to/ in California this winter – then you may well welcome news that, here, at Good Nite Inn, we have some excellent rate reductions available. Not only can they help ease the burden on your pocket, but also – because they’re available at entirely Covid-safe properties – they’ll ensure a stress-free stay and, before that, a stress-free time filling in that Good Nite Inn booking coupon.

Take Advantage of Our Winter 2021 Savings

If you book a stay with us this winter season, whether it’s just one night or more, you can receive between 20% and 30% off your booking.

Winter Sale Offer

Indeed, we hope this offer will help out travelers looking for hotels in California open now. Not least Covid-19 first responders, for whom we’re currently offering special rates at each and every one of our hotels. To take advantage of this winter booking saving at any of our properties, please enter the booking code ‘BRG’, when you book with us direct.

Great Rates for Covid-19 First Responders

As noted above, at every Goodnite Inn, we’re doing everything we can to ensure every stay is as safe as possible – and we’re offering reduced rates for all Covid-19 first responders.

We request these very welcome guests contact specific properties for our rate-saving details – our policy on flexible rates and cancellation enables all guests to book up to the actual date of check-in, as well as cancel or modify a reservation at the last moment, without fear of incurring a cancelation fee.

It’s worth noting here, too, that from a Covid-safe perspective, everyone booking with us can expect to be asked to wear face masks or coverings in all public areas (our staff, too, are required to wear them at all times); find social-distancing markings in all public areas; be assured high-traffic areas are regularly sanitized and all bad linen sanitized via high-temperature washing, in addition to the temporary closure of outdoor pools and lobby drinks.

Moreover, our staff won’t enter a guest room (to change sheets etc.) when a guest is occupying the room and will follow all health and safety procedures necessary when they do so. For refreshment of towels, removal of trash or replenishment of bath amenities, we request guests call the front desk.

Daily Rates for Remote Workspaces

We’re also offering terrific reduced rates for guests requiring remote workspaces during the day. They’re available to book on a day-by-day basis. So, to book such a one-day-stay at our Good Nite Inn Redwood City, please call 650-365-5500, or to book a one-day-stay at Good Nite Inn SeaWorld, please call 619-543-9944. These daily rates are available for a remote workspace at either hotel between 8am and 5pm.

Weekly Staycation Rates

Finally, if you want a getaway this season, near to home to be on the safe and ethical side (and, of course, one that’s as Covid-safe as possible, including provision of a Covid-19 responder room), then we’ve some excellent weekly rates for travelers to take advantage of. If you’re interested, please note, to receive one of these great rates (pay six nights; seventh night is free!), you must book for seven consecutive nights. These reduced rates are available at the following properties:

  • Good Nite Inn Redwood City (call: 650-365-5500)
  • Good Nite Inn Seaworld (call: 619-543-9944)
  • Good Nite Inn Camarillo (call: 805-388-5644)
  • Good Nite Inn Rohnert Park (call: 707-584-8180)