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Orange County – Making the Most of An LA Staycation

Orange County – Making the Most of An LA Staycation

Those who haven’t visited Los Angeles might see the city as the bright crowning jewel of California, a golden city full of glamour, excitement and pop culture. Whilst all of this and more can be true, most of those living there are just as locked into the daily grind as out of towners are. Los Angeles is a thriving hub for many industries, and people have to earn a living. Pair that with the fact that most of the world has been trapped in Groundhog Dayesque banality through the COVID restrictions and it’s unsurprising that many Los Angelites might be yearning for a way to escape right now.

Whilst international travel might still be a little difficult right now, there are plenty of other vacation ideas during COVIDthat you can take advantage of. The first of those is indulging in an LA staycation. Los Angeles is made up of 88 incorporated cities and stretches for over 10, 500 square kilometres and so it’d be surprising if you’ve managed to see it all.

LA is ripe for staycations, and no county in the city is better than Orange County. Below are just some of the amazing ideas that this area can offer without having to leave the city limits, providing days out, nights away and wild weekends for the home locked Los Angelite.

Whale Watching

Whale and dolphin watching tours are frequent from Dana Point and Newport Beach and provide great value ways to see the incredible life living within the Pacific Ocean. Whilst it’s not guaranteed you’ll find a whale or dolphin swimming past, you can still enjoy the sea breeze on the North Pacific Ocean, as well as learn a lot about the vast underwater ecosystem from the professional tour guides.

Disneyland Park

It’s surprising what one might overlook when living within the vicinity of one of the most famous theme parks in the world. Disneyland Park is located close to some of the best hotels open in Californiaand is a perfect weekend trip for antsy families looking to escape for a weekend. In fact, there are two parks to choose from as well as Downtown Disney which is always worth a browse, especially on Magic Happens Parade days!

Sunset Cruises

Again setting off from Dana Point and other Orange County coastal cities, sunset cruises are of great value and ensure a wonderful evening out for a romantic escape. Why not pair it up with a stay in one of the many Newport, Anaheim or Buena Park hotelsnearby?

Laguna Beach

This small city on the outskirts of LA is well worth a weekend trip on account of its festive beachside atmosphere. Enjoy outdoor activities like surfing in and around Heisler Park, as well as classic American boardwalk vendors and nature reserves that are just waiting to be explored with friends and family.

Dana Point

Easy to reach along Highway 1, Dana Point is one of only a handful of harbours that have been set up along the coast of Orange County. Here you’ll find marina-side restaurants, nature trails and of course, plenty of surfing spots. Close to some of the best hotels in California, renting out a boat is also easy, as is drinking in the beautiful views from Capistrano Beach.