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Safety and Savings: An Important Summer Update

Safety and Savings An Important Summer Update

Nothing is more important than being safe for business and leisure travellers, right now. And, most of all that, means in the accommodation they choose to stay in during their time away from home. To that end, then, we would like to underline our commitment to guest safety at every one of our Good Nite hotels. Without question, our number one priority is to ensure that every environment our guests do – and don’t – encounter is entirely clean and safe and, therefore, reassuring and comfortable.

Flexible Rate Options

Of course, the present time is complicated, which means a lot of people are having to change their travel plans quickly and at the last moment, but you needn’t worry when it comes to booking a stay at one of our hotels, because we’re making sure we’re offering both great flexible rates and a very clear, fair cancellation policy. Together, our flexible rates (including for the likes of AAA member discount hotels Fremont) and our cancellation policy ensure you can book a room right up to the date of your arrival and check-in and, if necessary, modify or cancel a reservation at the eleventh hour without incurring a cancellation fee.

Hotel Amenities

As part of our commitment to keeping every one of our guests as safe as we can during their stay with us, we think it’s important to be open and honest and so point out that some of the amenities at our properties – every one of them; from Good Nite Inn Redwood City to Good Nite Inn Fremont and beyond – are presently not available. So, temporarily closed at the current time are the outdoor pools at all our hotels, while coffee, tea and microwaves in hotel lobbies are also unavailable. Additionally, it goes without saying that we welcome each and every one who wants to book a stay at one of our properties, but owing to obvious health concerns, we also urge all potential bookers to review their local county and city ordinances to confirm whether it’s right for them to travel to and stay away from their homes.

Summer Sale Savings

On a more positive note, in addition to flexible rate options at every one of our hotels, there’s also a terrific Summer Sale taking place, right now, at five of our hotels – Good Nite Inn Camarillo Ventura County, Good Nite Inn Rohnert Park Sonoma County, Good Nite Inn San Diego SeaWorld, Good Nite Inn Redwood City San Francisco and Good Nite Inn Fremont San Jose. Why is it such a terrific promotion? Well, if you use it to book a stay at any of the aforementioned GNI properties, you’ll get 20% off the available room rate (using the promo code: BRG). Moreover, even if you’re not able to take advantage of our Summer Sale savings – which we heartily advise you to! – you’ll find our room rates aren’t just affordable and flexible, but that you can always be assured the lowest Good Nite Inn rate going, if you book not through a booking agency but direct with us via our own website. Now that’s what we call a good deal!