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Open for Business: Parks, Beaches and Venues Open in L.A. County

Open for Business Parks, Beaches and Venues Open in L.A. County

With limitations on gatherings and indoors recreational activities, many Southern Californians and visitors to the region are presently enjoying its parks, beaches and trails. However, it can’t be ignored that California is, at present, dealing with not just spikes of Covid-19 cases, but also wildfires marring both air quality and enjoyment of such parks – although, those concerns are generally limited to the north of the state.

So, it’s worth pointing out that, at the current time, L.A. County’s regional parks are open to all visitors, whom – so long as they take the usual, reasonable precautions in such an outdoor environment – can enjoy the likes of fishing and camping, to their hearts’ content. Great news, perhaps, for those who like the idea of ditching a staycation for a stay at AAA
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Likewise, all L.A. County-operated beaches are welcoming members of the public again to bring along their parasols and coolers and relax in the sun. Needless to say, the parking lots of these beaches are also open, but visitors are reminded to *please* bring their own bags for trash to prevent overflowing bins.

Labor Day Weekend Openings

An added incentive for those contemplating coming to California for a late summer stay (for instance, at hotels in Camarillo) is that there are no plans at all to close L.A. County’s beaches over Labor Day weekend; when they’ll doubtless prove popular destinations.

That said, face coverings are required at all times out of the water, of course, and while around other people that visitors haven’t travelled with. Additionally, no gatherings, games of volleyball or other group sports are allowed on any beaches and, note, certain parking lots and restrooms at some beaches will remain closed. However, a particularly popular – and particularly long – beachside bike path, which runs all the 22 miles from Torrance to Pacific Palisades, is now open again. Called the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, it forms part of the countywide bikeway network, so it’s surely great news for cyclists and fitness enthusiasts wishing to book stays at hotels in California open now.

Other Venues and Attractions

Although dining in restaurants is a no-go, at present, you’ll doubtless find several bars and breweries open throughout the state – note: they’re currently all restricted to outdoor, sit-down service with food. Unfortunately, many of California’s museums are still shuttered, as are bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, batting cages and arcades.

When you’re booking a room at a hotel or, indeed, any venue or attraction, you’re strongly urged to check for its safety protocols in thus unprecedented time (for instance, are there social-distancing rules in place, is there mention of hand sanitizers to use and is there a Covid-19 responder room?).

For sure, when visiting the likes of Griffith Park’s L.A. Zoo, which is also reopening, these are the sorts of things to check for before visiting. Also, on the zoos front, you’ll find that San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park, the Living Desert in Palm Desert, and Santa Barbara Zoo are all now welcoming visitors. So, although California is facing the challenges of the pandemic, just like the rest of the country; it’s open for business – and very much open to visitors, once more.