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Exercise Tips and Yoga Moves And: How to Stay Fit Away from Home

Exercise Tips and Yoga Moves And How to Stay Fit Away from Home

Travelling for work and even for leisure means giving up on your fitness regime, right? Not so fast. Because, in this modern age, when we’re only ever a few clicks away from discovering exactly the information we want on any given subject, it’s possible to learn exactly the fitness moves that’ll be ideal to exercise in a hotel room the next time you’re away from home (and taking advantage of a GNI Seaworld promo code, perhaps?).

Doubtful? If so, check out and try out the following in-room yoga moves, meditation tips and fitness exercises.

Yoga Moves

Yoga, as you may well be aware, is great for a whole host of different fitness-friendly exercises focused on meditation and bringing you calmness and harmony. Just the tonic, perhaps, during a hectic business trip. A soothing bedtime yoga move or two are ideal for winding down ahead of falling into a blissful, refreshing sleep at one of the many hotels in California open, especially if you’re jet-lagged. Indeed, breath-focused yoga exercises may be just the thing if you’re on a business trip and suffering from a touch of stress.

Fitness comes first, though, if you kick off a quick in-room session of yoga moves with some squats, which will help firm up your posterior and condition your legs’ glute muscles and help prevent/ combat lower back and knee pain. And don’t forget to stay hydrated, too; it’s often just as good as working out to help you feel good and get through the day.

Meditation Time

Meditation plays a role in yoga, of course, but embracing meditation itself can be valuable at any point in life, not least while travelling. The fact is meditation can aid us to remain focused, calm and grounded, as well as give us useful space away from regular, everyday responsibilities, thereby offering a fine opportunity to slow down and, yes, undertake some meditation in your Good Nite Inn of choice.

It comes in many forms, too, does meditation; often focusing on breathing exercises and mindfulness; or just the emptying of one’s mind, focusing on ‘the now’ and relaxing. The best time of day for a spot of in-room meditation? Probably in the morning; but remember not to ask too much of yourself and be patient, so relaxation comes to you naturally.

Fitness Exercises

It’s certainly possible to carry out and equipment-less workouts in a hotel room – via simple, quick fitness exercises. You can’t go wrong with the likes of push-ups, squat hops and ‘mountain climbers’ in the ‘plank position’. If your room comes complete with a decent chair – as is the case in all our properties, like, say, Good Nite Inn Seaworld – we suggest using it to perform triceps-dips and high-knee step-ups (just try to remember to do them smoothly and as noiselessly as you can; bear in mind your fellow guests!).

Finally, according to fitness experts, it’s far from a bad idea to do one or two push-ups and a bit of light stretching around an hour before you turn in for the night. Not least because you’ll head to bed with the knowledge you’ve just made the effort to keep physically trim – who wouldn’t want to go to bed feeling positive?