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Scenic Drives of California

Scenic Drives of California

California is undoubtedly a huge state, and it’s impossible to drive through in a day. Neither would you want to, the terrain is so expansive, diverse and beautiful that you wouldn’t want to rush it. With fertile woodlands, arid deserts and gorgeous coastlines, California provides more than enough scenery for a whole year worth of holidays.

No two areas of California are the same and although public transport is adequate enough, the best way to fully appreciate the state is through driving its highways and roads. California borders two very different states, and even a country. The natural landscapes of these borders soak into California and inform its beauty, adding a collage of personalities to the sunshine state. From the Californian deserts, it shares with Nevada, to the lush forests of Oregon and North California, there are plenty of options for a road trip. Below are just some of the drives that visitors might want to factor into their vacation.

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway, or Route 1 spans over a thousand miles, so it’s certainly not doable in a day. With some stopovers using Good Nite Inn promo codes, you’ll be able to explore this beautiful highway in between a week and five days. The Pacific Coast Highway stretches across the coastline of California, and stretches through Los Angeles, the Central Coast, Big Sur, Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay, giving you an incredibly rounded snapshot of California’s landscapes.

Highway 395

Another long-spanning highway route that will take you a good week to complete with stopovers at open hotels in California, Route 395 stretches from the Mojave Desert in Southern California all the way through Northern California and into Oregon. Here you’ll find contrasting landscapes to the Pacific Coast Highway, starting in the Southern Californian desert and gradually shifting into mountainous woodland.

Rim of The World Scenic Byway

A great day trip from San Bernardino’s Good Nite Inn, the Rim Of The World Scenic Byway extends out from Los Angeles into its surroundings, gifting travellers with stunning views over the Cajon Pass, Lake Arrowhead and many other natural landmarks in rural California. With many viewpoints to stop by at, this one’s an easy day trip from LA and San Bernardino and provides many walking trails for when you want to stretch your legs.

Route 66

Spanning just under 2500 miles, Route 66 is another one that is certainly not doable in a day but you can explore the California segment that stretches from Santa Monica to the town of Mohave Valley. Align the way you’ll find a McDonald’s Museum, the Colorado Street Bridge and with stop-offs at reconstructed vintage gas stations.

Death Valley Scenic Byway

Death Valley’s Scenic Byway is located on the border of Nevada, just west of Las Vegas. This scorching highway is cooler in the fall and spring and gives great views of Dantes View, Furnace Creek and Zabriskie Point. Keep the windows open, it’s bound to get hot along the way.

Anza Borrego State Park

The Anza Borrego State Park is located just east of San Diego and whisks you across Highway 78 for beautiful views of the nature reserve. With mountain climbs and Palm Springs detours along the way, this is another one that might not be tolerable in the summer but is well worth it in the cooler seasons.