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Hidden Gems of California

Hidden Gems of California

California spans just under 424 thousand square kilometres and is home to some of the USA’s most famous cities and tourist attractions. That being said, there is such an abundance of tourist hotspots that it’d be easy to overlook those areas that are off the beaten track. When utilising the Good Nite Inn offersat their multiple branches across the state, you’ll find yourself ideally located between some of the most popular tourist attractions and areas that you might just miss if you’re not on the lookout for them.

From areas of outstanding natural beauty to the weird and wonderful monuments and artworks, this blog will outline just some of the hidden gems you can explore in the vast and diverse expanse of California.

Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery

Located off the coastal route of Highway 1, Piedras Blancas and it’s 6 miles of shoreline is a perfect stop off on a long road trip. Not only is this stretch of coastline extremely beautiful, but Piedras Blancas is also home to one of the largest nesting grounds for elephant seals in the USA. Here you’ll find over 17,000 elephant seals making their home, feeding, moulting and breeding across the beautiful coastline. You can watch the seals from one of many viewpoints along the beach.

Antelope Valley

Whilst antelopes themselves have only recently been reintroduced to Antelope Valley, the main draw for tourists are the stunning swathes of poppy fields that bloom in spring. The stunning orange flowers are part of a large poppy reserve in the beautiful valley and are easily reached from LA’s Good Nite Inn.

Dana Point Sea Caves

Dana Point’s series of natural sea caves make for atmospheric visits and are a lot easier to access than other caves in California. Located in Orange County in the larger municipality of LA, these caves are also known as Pirates Cove due to their history of early 20th-century smuggling.

Mount San Jacinto

Mount San Jacinto is located in Palm Springs, and its peak can be reached via the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. From atop the 8516-foot peak, you’ll find over 50 miles of breathtaking hiking trails to enjoy and a nature reserve teeming with wildlife.

Travertine Hot Springs

Based near Yosemite National Park, the hot springs around Bridgeport draw in many travellers and hikers. The most tranquil of these springs are the ones found in Travertine, just outside of the town and easy to reach. With the views of Potato Peak and Bodie Mountain, this is a serene and relaxing spot that, with it’s Eastern Californian location, is well off the beaten track.

Mono Lake

Another Eastern gem, this dry basin based lake provides incredible rock formations made from calcium and an alkaline water system that has existed for over a million years. For the best experience of California’s deserts, Mono Lake provides stunning views and a haven for bird watchers looking to catch one of the many migrating and nesting birds in the area.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Not far from the state border with Nevada, the ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is located close to the Inyo National Forest in the White Mountains. Nature hungry guests at hotels in California’s western area will find beautiful, 4000-year-old trees that flood the landscape with twisting trunks and vibrant wood colours.