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Spring Break Ideas for Californian Families

Spring Break Ideas for Californian Families

With America’s spring break currently falling under nationwide travel restrictions, it might feel like there’s little you can do to escape the weekly grind and enjoy a sun-splashed vacation. However, there are still options that can get you some R&R in California, especially with the stay-at-home order and regional travel bans partially lifted, if not completely. Whilst many tourist attractions will have modified hours of business, with some services remaining closed, there are still many options that will let you enjoy the diverse landscapes, history and attractions of the state.

Many hotels are booking guests again as well, even offering spring break deals on room prices as exemplified by the Good Nite Inn booking coupons. This means that it’s easier than it ever was in 2020 to find a bed to rest your head during a trip. Below is an outline of just some of the activities and areas that might be worth booking as a focal point for a family-orientated spring break.

Theme Parks

From Knotts Berry Farm to Disneyland California, the sunshine state is a mecca for theme park enthusiasts. Whilst many theme parks have still not reopened entirely, there are still one-off events and markets that occur on the grounds of these theme parks. Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park offers a boysenberry festival every March that offers a dazzling array of foodstuffs and is close to affordable and comfortable accommodation – the Buena Park Good Nite Innhotel.

Get A Taste of Ranch Life

California is home to many old ranches, especially in Southern California’s San Diego and Los Angeles area. Whilst some of these desert ranches have been set up as museums exploring their long history, others have been developed into lodgings and recreation centres primed for hiking, horse riding and much more.

Explore an Iconic City

Although some businesses remain closed, this doesn’t mean that you can’t explore one of the iconic cities of California. It’s no surprise that California is one of the top vacation spots in the USA, with Hollywood, San Diego and San Francisco all located in diverse and differing areas of the state, you’ll never forget our first visit to the Golden Gate Bridge or the Hollywood sign. Even better, hotels in Californiahave modified their services to ensure COVID-friendly hotel rooms for families and couples.

Hiking Trails of California

Hiking trails are abundant in the state, even if you’re visiting an urban environment. From the Beverly Hills walking trails to the great desert basin of Eastern California, exploring the great outdoors has never been so vibrant and diverse. The climates of California vary drastically too, meaning that fertile forests and cooler temperatures emanate from the north, whilst wild-west style desert landscapes make up the western and eastern edges of the state.

Beaches of The West Coast

Stretching across the coastline of the state, through Malibu, LA and San Francisco, Route One offers road trippers plenty of beaches to lounge, surf on and explore. With many still open throughout the COVID pandemic, they can be perfect stop-offs on a road trip across the states many tourist attractions.

State Parks of California

As mentioned above, California boasts an incredibly diverse terrain over its 424 thousand square kilometres of land. Unsurprisingly, many of these areas have been designated wilderness reserves and protected parks respectively nurture mountain ranges, canyons, rivers, lakes and lush, fertile forests.