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Top Attractions In Palm Springs

Top Attractions In Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a local favorite for vacationing, flooded with stunning hotels, wildlife and attractions for an easy getaway. Whether a day trip or a long weekend, Palm Springs is a city steeped in tourist-accessible tranquility, providing everyone from roadtrippers on their way to the Good Nite Inn Fremont to LA locals with an escape from the rat race.

As a city that almost triples its population throughout the seasons, the city’s attractions are geared towards visitors and holiday homes. Whether migrating from the Good Nite Inn Camarillo on a California-wide trip or your thinking of moving to Palm Springs permanently, this guide will outline some of the best attractions in the area for a first taste of the picturesque Coachella Valley city.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Starting from Valley Station at the bottom of San Jacinto Peak all the way up to Mountain Station, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is the largest of its kind in the world. With a journey up – or down – taking 12 and a half minutes, the views on the ascent up San Jacinto are stunning, spanning alpine forests, desert landscapes and even two restaurants at the top of the mountain.

San Jacinto Mountain

It’s not just the journey either, the San Jacinto Mountain is an attraction in and of itself. Easy to reach via the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, guests of the Good Nite Inn can enjoy a wealth of hiking trails and views over the Coachella Valley from atop the 10834 foot peak. With the state park of the same name surrounding it, there’s even more to explore in and around Palm Springs.

Indian Canyons

With four sets to choose from and each spanning dozens of kilometers, the Indian Canyons, or Palm, Murray, Andreas, Tahquitz and Chino are all canyons with heritage at their heart. Over countless hiking trails, you can learn about the history of the Agua Caliente band of Cahuilla Indians who built their homes in and around Palm Springs before it was developed by colonizers. From rock art to dams and reservoirs, there are many leftover artifacts around this beautiful canyon system.

Palm Springs Air Museum

The Palm Springs Air Museum is a non-profit museum situated close to the Palm Springs International Airport and exploring military aircraft and its uses and role in the Second World War. Whether you’re a guest at the Good Nite Inn Calabasas CA with an interest in aircraft and engineering, or you just happen to have a free afternoon in the area, the Palm Springs Air Museum is an absorbing insight into the history of aircraft weaponization.

Palm Springs Art Museum

Situated on Museum Drive in Palm Springs, the Art Museum of the city is a hub of regional art from modern and ancient times. You’ll also find performing arts classes and natural science exhibitions in the facility, thanks to the 437 seat Annenberg Theater, which programmes international theater and music performances throughout the year. The museum’s identity is rooted in its original focus on local Native American history. Dating back to the late 30s’, the museum only became an art exhibit space proper in 1953.