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Traveling Cheap In LA? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Los Angeles is a lot of things, but a budget city for travel is not one of them. The many tourist attractions, restaurants and gift shops can wreak havoc on finance plans, so it’s understandable that guests of Rohnert Park Hotels planning a trip down south would want to keep an eye on the bank, especially if they’re spending a longer period of time in Los Angeles.

This blog will explore some of the tourist attractions, discounts and budget travel tips that can help you to enjoy LA as fully as possible. Whether you’re on a stop off on your way to hotels in Rohnert Park or you’re visiting Los Angeles as a romantic getaway, the costs of California’s most famous city needn’t affect your visit if you plan ahead and carefully. You’ll find some of the best budget travel tips for Los Angeles below.

Free Museums Of Los Angeles

The free museums of Los Angeles include the Griffith Observatory, the LA Natural History MUseum and the Getty Center. There are plenty to visit and with metro services reaching many of these historic institutions, your budget needn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the best museums in America.

Go Los Angeles

Go Los Angeles Cards will save you money on countless attractions and museums. The card costs you $54 for one day and two attractions, and will almost definitely save you money on the available museums, historic monuments and landmarks in Los Angeles.

Top Tier Cuisine On A Budget

You needn’t dine out at celebrity hot spots to get a true sense of California’s character. Indeed, some of the best food comes dirt cheap and down to earth. To get a taste of Southern Californian cuisine, you needn’t look further than the taco, burrito and Mexican inspired food trucks that appear all across the city. There are plenty of all-American options too, and you’ll save far more money than a reservation at high end Hollywood celebrity spots.

Where To Stay

Avoid renting rooms or accommodation in the heart of Hollywood. Instead, look for great deals on rooms at slightly out of town hotels like the Good Nite Inn Buena Park. With great public transport connections into the heart of the city, other areas like Downtown and the South Bay area also provide slightly better value rooms that are as comfortable as they are affordable.

Consider Ride Sharing On Cab Apps

Whether you’re on the way back to the best hotels in Buena Park or you’re heading out for the day for a spot of sightseeing, consider ordering Uber cabs and Lyft for your journeys. These are cheaper than LA cabs and can save you even more money when you opt for ride sharing through the app.

Explore The Parks

You can visit the Hollywood sign for no money at all, whilst the Santa Monica Mountains, Palisades Park and Beverly Hills cost nothing but for your parking or transport. The diverse landscapes of southern California are exemplified in no better place than the cities many green spaces and state reserves.