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Travel Safe and Stay Safe: How To Plan A Road Trip

Travel Safe and Stay Safe How To Plan A Road Trip

So, you’re looking to go on a road trip during these challenging times? Good luck! In actual fact, luck isn’t what you need – and it certainly isn’t what you should rely on. At all. What you instead should do before traveling any sort of a distance – whether on a road trip of several days or not – is to plan and prepare, thoroughly and properly.

Embarking on a road trip right now, then, is definitely no simple thing. If you’re planning to travel to and check-in at a Goodnite Inn (or anywhere else for that matter), it requires you not only to pack everything you’ll need for a ‘Covid-safe’ journey but to be utterly sensible and thoughtful throughout your time in transit – and during the stay ahead at your destination. The onus is on you to consider your safety and that of everybody else you’ll come into contact with.

What does this mean, in practice? Let’s break it down.

Tips to Keep Safe

So, here follow several tips to stay safe yourself and keep others healthy while you’re taking that road trip during these unusual, uncertain times:

  • Keep a mask on you all the time – and wear it when necessary and/ or sensible.
  • Carry hand sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol volume) when you’re out of your car.
  • When you use a restroom, always wash your hands properly – for 20 seconds or more and with soap.
  • Research your accommodation online – what ‘Covid-safe’ protocols and processes are in place at hotels in California open now? What does that mean for you? What are you unsure about and will need to ask about when you check-in?
  • If you’re at all concerned, wipe down surfaces or seats at your accommodation (with a cleaning product you’ve brought along with you).
  • Do the same when you’re filling up a gas station – wipe down all handles and whatever you touch at the pumps and sanitize your hands afterwards.
  • What are the different protocols from state-to-state? Be sure you’re aware of them and when and how they might change during your journey.
  • It’s important to check online for safety and sanitizing procedures when looking up and booking your accommodation, but it’s important to do that for car hire firms, too, if you’ll be renting a car – how confident are you a car from the car hire company you’ve found online will be thoroughly clean?

Preparation is Key

The only way to make sure you travel safely is to plan well. And that requires you to ask of yourself questions about your trip. For instance, what restrictions are in place where you intend to go? Will you need to quarantine if you’re travelling from a Covid-19 ‘hotspot’? What attractions – if any – will be open at your desired location and what ‘Covid-safe’ measures will be in place? Does the accommodation you want to book have a Covid-19 responder room – and what might that mean for you during your stay?

Tantamount to planning your trip is to thoroughly plan your journey; planning your route, then, means carefully studying it beforehand. So, make sure, as best as you can, you know more or less where’s best to stop for gas and in which small towns – so you can ascertain whether any non-essential services or restaurants will be open before you pull in somewhere.

Make no mistake, all this sort of planning is essential if you want to make use of that Good Nite Inn booking coupon in the safest possible way for you and everybody else.