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Happy Travels: How to Travel Safely This Winter

Happy Travels How to Travel Safely This Winter

Let’s face it, right now, we all should be thinking twice before planning, let alone embarking on long journeys; especially if they’re trips that require staying away from home. Vaccines are finally here – phew! – but until they’ve all been successfully rolled out and we’ve all had the shots we need, it’s crucial we remain super vigilant.

So, if traveling a long distance is unavoidable and just has to be done, it’s massively important you think ahead and anticipate all the issues you may face during your journeys(s) and time away – all of them that could compromise you keeping (and ensuring anybody and everybody else) is Covid-safe.

Handily, the CDC is keeping us all in the loop with what we should be doing, which means – based on their advice – we’re able to give all long-distance travelers and those looking to book a stay at hotels in California open a rundown of what they should be planning and preparing pre-trip and doing on their trip.

Before You Travel

You’re advised to take serious precautions up to 14 days before traveling; so, please don’t:

  • Attend a large social gathering (a party, wedding or funeral) or a big event (a sports game, concert or parade)
  • Mix with crowds – especially in enclosed spaces like restaurants, bars and fitness centers
  • Forget to pack your face mask/ covering and hand sanitizer
  • Pack too little medicine, if applicable, for you your entire trip
  • Take with you enough food and water (you may not know where and when you’ll find stores, restaurants or drive-thru/ take-out outlets open)
  • Forget to book accommodation for your stay that features a Covid-19 responder room
  • Forget getting tested with a viral test no more than 1-3 days before traveling – do not travel if you test positive and make sure to take your negative test results with you because you could be asked for them at some point during your trip

When You’re Traveling

Ask yourself the following questions and address the following points:

  • Are travel restrictions in place where you live and/ or where you’re going? If so, what are they?
  • Have you had the flu shot? Perhaps you should consider getting it before you travel
  • Needless to say, if you or any of your travel companions get sick (whether tests prove you/ they have Covid-19), cancel your plans and do not travel
  • When you’re out in public and in indoor public spaces, be sure to a wear face mask/ covering – especially in transport hubs like airports, train stations and gas stations and if you travel on public transport or are moving around in a Goodnite Inn hotel
  • Keep your distance – stay at least six feet (around two arm lengths) away from anyone with whom you’re not traveling.
  • Make sure you wash your hands with sanitizer (60% alcohol or more) very regularly

Staying Safe Out of Your Car

Finally, for while you’re in-transit but when you step out of the car:

  • In bathrooms and at rest stops – after using the bathroom, remember always to wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap or sanitizer (again, comprising 60% alcohol or more); if possible, try to use public bathrooms as little as possible, relying more so on bathrooms you can guarantee are thoroughly hygienic, such as the bathroom adjacent to a guest room at the likes of Good Nite Inn SeaWorld.
  • When using gas stations – pick up some disinfecting wipes from your car and clean the handles and buttons on gas pumps before using them; when you’re all done, wash your hands with sanitizer (see above).