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Top Tips for Buena Park Post-Knott’s Berry Farm

Top Tips for Buena Park Post-Knott’s Berry Farm

The hotels of the greater LA area have been specifically placed to cater to tourists. After all, as much as 36 billion dollars are generated every year from tourism in the city, so it makes sense to cater to the travel industry. Booking a hotel in Buena Parkis especially handy, on account of the many tourist destinations in the surrounding area, of which Knott’s Berry Farm is most likely the most prominent.

Knott’s Berry Farm is famous for being one of the oldest theme parks in the USA and one of the largest as well. With districts and rides celebrating American history and culture, there’s a lot of returnability with Knott’s Berry Farm. However, LA visitors and guests at nearby hotels in Californiamight want something more from the Buena Park area, especially if they’ve worn out their runs of Knott’s Berry Farm visits. Furthermore, with COVID restrictions in California still ongoing, many of the rides, attractions and districts of Knott’s Berry Farm remain closed for the foreseeable future. Below are just some of the alternative options for a visit to Buena Park. After all, LA is a multifaceted city and Buena Park one of its best-kept secrets.


Based just a stone’s throw from Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland Park was opened in 1955 and became the progenitor of the world-famous amusement park collection. Although closed to the public during the COVID pandemic, its other outlets are still at least partly open to the public through the ongoing restrictions.

Disney California Adventure Park

The Disney California Adventure Park is situated close to Disneyland Park and was designed to celebrate the wide world of the state that it calls home. The park’s attractions, including a beautiful lake and pier, make for a thrilling, magical family day out.

Thankfully both Disneyland and California Adventure Park are set to reopen on April 30th, meaning that vacation ideas during COVIDwon’t be scuppered come spring.

Downtown Disney District

The Downtown Disney District has remained partly open through the COVID pandemic on account of its focus on shopping instead of theme park activities. The heart of Disney is in its Downtown area, where visitors who don’t have tickets for the theme parks can still enjoy restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Downtown Disney has remained open, albeit with social distancing measures in place.

Anaheim Convention Center

With sports beginning to reopen to the public, albeit socially distanced, the Anaheim Convention Center hosts everything from volleyball tournaments to talent competitions. With a diverse calendar of events, the Anaheim Convention Center is a great place to dive into the multifaceted cultures of California.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

The Angel Stadium is the famous LA Angels baseball team’s ballpark, and with regular fixtures, was seating 45,000 people per game. The LA Angels are a crowning jewel in the heart of LA’s sporting community and fans, and it’s well worth grabbing a ticket to this quintessentially American game.

Honda Center

Home to the Anaheim Ducks Ice Hockey Team, the Honda Center is another must-visit for sporting fans in LA and Buena Park. Not only does the indoor arena hold up to 18,000 people, but it is also home to some of the biggest live music and events in the state. Whether you want to watch a rodeo or a talk by Michelle Obama, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming year.