Scenic Gems To Discover In California

Everyone who’s embarked on a road trip across the golden state knows that the terrain is extremely diverse. From the deserts of southern California to the lush forests hidden way north in Sacramento, there’s a lot of stunning spots to see. This is unsurprising, California borders 3 very different states, Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, whilst the climate and geological shifts from north to the south make for very different climates indeed. This means that guests at hotels in California will be gifted with countless experiences that are incredibly different from one another depending on the area that they are visiting.

This blog provides California tourists looking for vacation ideas during COVID with a diverse catalogue of natural landscapes to explore. Whether famous or off the beaten track, these incredible landscapes create the backbone of California’s character, and whether you’re visiting LA in the south of the state or Sacramento in the north, you should try and drink in at least one of these beautiful landscapes

Yosemite Falls

Located in Yosemite National Forest, Yosemite Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the USA, spanning 739 metres from its higher to its lower fall. Located in the Sierra Nevada Desert area of Northern California, Yosemite Falls is a tough hike to beat, but well worth the view at the top. Watch out for the Ahwahneechee witch in the plunge pool below, Yosemite Falls old Native American legend is still told as a ghost story today.

Vernal Falls

Smaller than Yosemite Falls at 97 metres, this Yosemite National Forest waterfall is equally as serene to see. You can even hike from Yosemite Falls to Vernal Falls in just over 3 hours. Follow the trail along the Merced River and you could see both in one day.

Lava Beds National Monument

Tule Lake wildlife reserve is located in Modoc National Forest in Northern California and is home to the Lava Beds National Monument, a cave system of 25 different tube caves that were created by lava between 30,000 and 40,000 years ago. A visitors center near Tule Lake can explain their creation, and the surrounding area is definitely worth exploring as well.

Big Sur

Pacific coast in Big Sur state parks in California

Big Sur is one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in California and resides in the central shoreline of the state. Here you’ll find stunning rocky coves and amazing views over the Pacific Ocean. It’s tranquil too, the area of nearby Monterey has a low population density, which is why nature flourishes so vibrantly here.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is way up in Northern California just outside of Santa Rosa but is one of the best places to visit in California for couples wanting a taste of the high life. Most tourists who come here are looking to visit the swathes of wineries and vineyards located in the fertile area, and there are plenty of serene hotels for getaways and spa days as well. You can’t leave without tasting some of the wines either, especially at the high-end restaurants dotted across the lush surroundings.

Joshua Tree

If you’re staying at hotels in Redlands California, make sure not to miss a drive into Joshua Tree National Park. This vast expanse of desert is famed for its tough, survivalist Joshua trees, and incorporates two very different desert terrains. Joshua Tree itself can get incredibly hot, so make sure to bring a lot of water whilst exploring landmarks such as Eagle Mountain and a very creepy abandoned mine.